Important information
This article assumes that you have the rights to configure issue types. Do you not have the correct rights? Please contact your Administrator.

You can create an issue in both the Dashboard and the App. An issue can be created for clients, objects and units. To work with issues, you must first configure issue types.

Follow the steps below to configure issue types:

1. Click on Issues in the toolbar

2. Click on Configuratie at the top right

3. Click on the Green button (Plus)at the top right

4. Enter the following information

        - Choose an Icon for the new issue type 

        - Enter the Title and System name

        - Select the Roles for which this issue type needs to become available

        - Click on Add 

5. Then find the newly created issue type and click Edit

Three tabs will appear, as an issue type can be linked on three levels:

    a. Clients

        - Select all clients or search for a specific client

    b. Objects

        - Select all objects or search for a specific object

    c.  Unit categories

        - Select all units categories or search for specific unit categories

6. Click Save

Take note
- Do you want to be able to create the issue for multiple levels? First choose the desired clients, objects and units in the various tabs before clicking on save.
- It is possible to select different objects per client; for example, all objects of client A. You do this in the objects tab.
- It is possible to select different Unit categories per object; for example, all unit categories of object A. You do this in the unit categories tab.