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When an issue has been processed, you can close it.

An issue can be closed in the Dashboard or in the App. In this article both ways are discussed, choose below which applies to you:


In the Dashboard an issue can be closed in two ways:

Option 1

1. Click on Issues in the toolbar

2. Click on the concerning issue that needs to be closed

3. Click on Editat the top right

4. Choose Closed for status

5. Click on Save at the bottom of the page

Option 2

1. Click on Issues in the toolbar

2. Select the row 

3. Select The row of the concerning issue by clicking next to the title

4. Now the button Close will become available at the top right under the filters

5. When you click on Close, a screen will appear to confirm your action

6. Click on Confirm

Take note
Closing an issue via 'Option 2' is only possible if the issue has the status 'Open'. This is not possible if the report has the status 'In progress'.

Do you want to close multiple issues at once? By holding down the Ctrl key, you can select multiple issues at once. Then follow the same steps as mentioned above for 'Option 2'.


Follow the steps below to close an issue in the App:

1. Click on the button Issues on the homescreen

2. Lookup the issue you would like to close

3. Click on the issue

4. Choose Closed for status

5. Click on Saveto save the changes

Do you want to quickly close multiple issues? Then swipe from left to right from the overview on the icon of the relevant issue until you get a blue flag. Do this for all issues you want to close, then click sync to save the changes. This way you can quickly update multiple notifications at once.