Important information
After release, the app will be reviewed by Google & Apple. Once approved, the app will be available in the Store. With Google this is usually the same day and with Apple it can take several days. Please note that this review may take longer due to the Corona virus. 

DashboardAppAcceptStatusProductionStatus Dec 2019Released17 Dec 2019Released Jan 2020Released28 Jan 2020Released Feb 2020Released03 Mar 2020Released Mar 2020Released07 Apr 2020Released Apr 2020Released12 May 2020Released Jun 2020Released16 Jun 2020Released Jul 2020Released21 Jul 2020Released Aug 2020Released2 Sep 2020Released Sep 2020Released6 Oct 2020Released Oct 2020Released11 Nov 2020Released Dec 2020Planned15 Dec 2020Planned