Currently, the Administrator can create dynamic roles in LEVIY. To create these roles the Administrator have to perform a lot of actions. To simplify this for the Administrator, LEVIY's introducing system roles. When developing new functionalities, the focus will lie on understanding the process in common practice. Based on this more and more business logic will be connected to the system roles through permissions that count for these roles within organisations. Take note! This does not mean that everything is fixed, some functionalities will still require permissions to be set.

For Files:

  • Users with the system role 'Administrator' have access to the settings, can view and manage all files and can manage of Orphan Files. 
  • Users with an employee role, these are all roles except for the role 'Client', can view General Files. 

Eventually system roles will replace dynamic roles.

Click here to read how system roles can be linked to dynamic roles in the dashboard.